Project Management
Zipoo'max project management include:

  • During Progress of work review all working drawings, specifications, and finished schedules to ensure adherence to our design.
  • Approve all materials, finishes, and color samples.
  • Supervise all decorative work in field. Inspect all installations at job site.

Construction Drawing
Zipoo'max will provide you with an estimate of the charges before beginning the project. We also have separate charges for each individual aspect of the design process. Construction drawing include:

  • Finalize all schemes and decorative treatment
  • Prepare design drawings needed for custom furniture and any interior architectural details.
  • Submit final drawings to interpret our design concept.
  • Finalize and prepare specification of all approved selection.

Budget Development
It is extremely important that you determine a budget before beginning an interior renovation. Zipoo'max can help you determine an accurate budget for your renovation. The dollar amount you budget for the interior design of your space is contingent upon your location, clientele, finish types, quality of materials used and the design details unique to your environment.

For more information please contact our architect representative, please click here to submit your request.

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